Blockchain has been around for a couple of years and it’s already bringing waves of immense changes in finance, social media and fund management. Arts has been targeted now too. Predictive Art is a sleek new platform, set to “blockchainify” the arts networks. Interested? Let’s find out how you can ride this new wave.

Do what you like, but now on blockchain!

Here, you can:

First, act as an arts creator, offering your works for the blockchain art auction. This is a great way to raise awareness. Make a splash, or waves!

Second, you can arbitrage, coat-tailing to successful arts stars and starlets. The team says that they are engaging only the best artists, bringing the most innovative and tech-inclined talent in the blockchain arts niche.

Third, you can collect. Sure, you might not see any drastic changes in the prices on arts, but – let’s make it clear – the art is going to collide with tech, and this is the start of a new era. Those pioneers who advanced this niche will be remembered, and so will their arts, which predesdinates them for a huge growth in prices.