Dermal fillers have become widespread in the beauty world lately. Here they cope with smoothing out wrinkles, filling up the volume of the cheekbones, lips, eliminating signs of aging on the hands perfectly well. But despite having good characteristics, they can lead to negative consequences. In practice this rarely happens. The reason for such cases is the improper use of the preparations or failure to observe the rules of skin care after their use.

Attentive and Conscious Consideration

The demand for fillers on the market is constantly increasing. In 2016, 2.4 million procedures were performed in the United States of America by using only Juvederm and Restylane. Over the last 10 years there has been an increase in this figure to the level of 56%.

Experts say that in general such procedures are absolutely safe. But if they are performed by inadequately trained specialists, there is a risk of complications. And they consist not only in worsening the condition of the skin, but also in blindness, stroke.

The Most Common Consequences

According to the MAUDE reports taken from the FDA database, the experience of the preparation manufacturers suggests that the most common consequences are as follows:

  • the occurrence of indurations and pimples in the area of the injection site;
  • the occurrence of infectious processes;
  • the occurrence of inflammatory processes;
  • the occurrence of allergic reactions;
  • vascular complications.

Among the patients, 62 people have suffered a stroke and similar conditions, and 47 patients have encountered blindness. A stroke can occur when the filler gets into a blood vessel. Blindness usually occurs when the filler gets into a blood vessel near the eye.

The Most Dangerous Fillers and the Consequences of Their Use

According to statistics, the maximum number of complications has become evident after the introduction of the following preparations

  • Juvederm;
  • Sculptra;
  • Radiesse.

Practice shows that the following effects and reactions most often occur as a result of the use of these products:

  • edema;
  • infectious process;
  • the state of blindness;
  • tissue necrosis.

In this case not only the listed fillers were taken into consideration, but also some other preparations, for example, Restylane, Belotero, Belafil, etc. Experts note that the lion’s share of the problems is minor aesthetic defects. Patients with imperfect appearance traditionally appeal to clinics for injections. As soon as the preparation ceases to have an effect, the skin, facial features and hands come back to their former state. This causes the need for repeated injections.

Specialists’ Recommendations

Absolutely all medical procedures involve potential adverse reactions. Therefore, the main task of health care providers is to discuss the benefits and risks of prescribing a particular preparation with the patient. If a preliminary consultation is held, the risk of adverse reactions will be reduced several times.

Experts also advise not to take the introduction of fillers in the dermis too thoughtlessly. It is necessary to turn to a physician who has gone through relevant training courses and has proper experience in this field. The products should be bought in online store that has a good reputation. Do not ignore the recommendations of dermatologists, plastic surgeons, ophthalmologists, especially if there is a predisposition to the occurrence of any diseases. Their consultations are also important and necessary, in particular, if the injection is given for the first time.