Works Better With Social Network Marketing Social media marketing is a totally different phenomenon from social networking. In social media marketing, people post and share their content in order to establish what they are good at. On the contrary, those, who are good social networkers, don’t give that much stress on content exposure or content sharing. They just want to meet and connect with different people virtually. Two of them practice content marketing, but in their own unique style.

When social media marketers promote content, they try to attract their audience towards their products or services. It can be educational as well as promotional. However, the basic idea is always to draw attention to the businesses and their expertise.

On the flipside, when social networkers promote their content, the focus is always to establish them as a brand. They try to sell their ideas through their content. There are so many social networks and each network is different from the other. But one rule remains same for those, who love to network. Keep your posts and updates as less sales-y as possible.

On social networks, you network with your family, friends and with those, who you have met virtually and not in the physical world. Considering the fact that your family and friends already know you and you might not be willing to do business with them, your major focus remains on the industry influencers and thought leaders. This is where your social network marketing starts.

When it comes to your business, both are equally important. You need to find a way to make them work together.

Let’s discuss it elaborately.

In every organization, social media seems to be an integral part these days. When it comes to content marketing, many of you might have noticed that your efforts are not giving you the expected results. One of the reasons is lack of the ideal mixture of social media marketing and social network marketing.

Remember, no one would be interested to follow and share your content, if they don’t know you in person or they don’t know what you do. Here’s social networking comes into action. Use your social networking skills to be an influencer first and people will gradually start following your business content.

In fact, social networking is extremely important to ensure maximum reach of your social media content. The only reason is, when you are an influencer, people start trusting you blindly, no matter what you post. The ratio of positive responses that a thought-leader gets is way better than others, be it a blog post, a social media update, a simple company news or a request to take an action.

Here is how these two can work together:

Divide your social media team into two parts. Keep one group entirely for networking. But choose the section wisely, as everyone cannot be a good networker.
You might be thinking that it would not be that easy to pay those folks only to chat with some unknown people on Twitter on Facebook. True! Instead, allot some time to everyone in the networking group in a cyclic order. This way, you can be sure that everyone is networking throughout the day.

Ask them to network and interact with new people on social media channels. And make sure there is no sales pitch.
On the other hand, make your social media marketing team ready. Ask them to create compelling content and share them from your business pages on different social networking channels.

Your networking team should be there not to let the content die. Ask them to re-share the content, whenever they feel the time and context is right. You would be amazed to see the overwhelming response.

Social networking has an extended part in the physical world. So, encourage social meetups, gathering and events. This would only strengthen the relationships for better.