A cover version is a performance and recording (sometimes in original processing) of a previously published music work by someone other than the unique performer.

The use of piano covers is advantageous because the performer gets a 100% hit, tested by time and loved by the public. Sometimes slight processing of the composition gives a “second wind” to the song. It also happens that covering is becoming more popular than the original, bringing world renown to its performers.

Piano covers can be very individual depending on the style of the performer and the style of the work itself. The more different style performers have, the more new and unusual the cover can be. Sometimes, for the passion of a musician with the originality, the meaning of the composition itself is lost, and it becomes merely boring.

Such a cover version is called unsuccessful. Sometimes, on the contrary, the unknown composition of the original artist becomes known to the one who made a successful cover.

The advantage of performing covers

When a little-known performer reproduces original compositions that were not rotated on the radio, television, and not known to the listener, the public cannot always support this undertaking.

In conclusion, we can say that performing piano covers of popular songs is not an easy job, because the performance of a famous hit should be no worse than the original in quality. You need to give it your vision, and you must try not to spoil it to bring the song to the listener at its best.