This is an investment plan which fraudulently attracts investors by proposing to give high returns on the investment. But there are also some legitimate paying hyip . Usually, the goal of the organizer is to run away with all the money In most cases, this is done to attract new costumers to pay back the old investor by using new investors’ money.

The organizers of the scam schemes normally set up a website offering a program for investment that promises unusually high returns. They offer through various social media platforms that are something that is not done by any legitimate organizer.

How Does It Work?

 The returns offered in theses investment schemes are unreasonably high. This is used to attract money from new investors to pay back the previous investors using that money. You need to make sure and don’t get confused between the legitimate and fraud organizers.

The scammers use social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and other platforms to attract the victims.  So do proper research before you buy one of those investment plans.

High yield investment plans can be good if they are from a genuine organizer and do not openly advertise. But the fake ones are total scams which you need to be aware of.