First of all, let’s define that remote tech help is a consultation of the IT specialist who will remove all the computer-related problems. It’s very convenient since you get qualified help no matter when and where you are.

The specialist will answer all your questions about the device performance or connect to it remotely using special software. For the latter, you’ll have to install a program and share your ID with a password.

If you wonder whether online PC support is safe, it’s important to know that the moment the job is done, the password for remote connection automatically deletes itself. No one (even the manager that accessed your PC) will be able to connect to it again. The program creates a new password every time. It means that unless you give it to someone, your device is safe from third-party intrusions.

3 steps to get started:
1. Purchase. Pick the most suitable plan and pay for it on the website.
2. Request. Contact the specialist the way you wish: via phone or messenger. Describe your problem.
3. Help. The specialist will resolve the issue remotely or come to your place (if that’s the service you picked).
As you see, it’s very easy and convenient. You can get help 24/7 and deal with most problems instantly.