A lot of individuals escape the horrors of reality through social media, for example, a teenager who doesn’t have a lot of friends or has a lot of insecurities like on the way he/she looks, this teenager may end up spending time on Instagram to express his/her identity or to feel a sense of belonging and approval by getting likes from a lot of people so people seek approval and recognition from buy followers insta service then what happens when they don’t get that approval?

I need likes on my posts!

I’d never understood the craze for acquiring so many likes on a post. But apparently my point doesn’t matter, coz I’ve seen teenagers and children on insta (having their coming-out-of-nappies-debutant probably) with more followers and likes on their (chubby-acne-filled-oily) pictures, than ME! Even cats and dogs have more likes than me. Granted, they belong to celebrities, but that’s a whole different can of worms.

And the not-so-shocking thing is, I thought, girls were the ones who mostly fretted over their insta-like-statistics (and boy they are! I’d know because my friend once called me when she saw that I didn’t like her post). But it seems boys are not far behind with their *coughs* techniques-for-impressing-girls *coughs*which includes not-so-threatening-stunts and Hollywood or Bollywood dialogues in macho style (which, tbh seems more like stand-up comedy)